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Contributors to '' welcome - use 'Contact Us' to get in touch - one time or regular

Don't forget to feed the squirrels and the birds - and the foxes and the hedgehogs - and stray cats (then neuter at PDSA).

After election of Donald Trump, by minus 3,000,000 votes, we moved our site from dangerous, bankrupt USA to the criminally doubly indebted UK - on; faster, cheaper, more flexible, more secure, higher capacity, more under our control servers.

the uk government allow the north of england to secede from the uk and join scotland facebook TakeUsWithYouScotland Take Us With You Scotland  Log in with Facebook Take Us With You Scotland twitter TakeUsWithYouScotland Take Us With You Scotland #TakeUsWithYouScotland

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Scotland EnglandThe UK government allow the North of England to secede from the UK & join Scotland

The deliberations in Westminster are becoming increasingly irrelevant to the North of England. The Northern cities feel far greater affinity with their Scottish counterparts such as Glasgow and Edinburgh than with the ideologies of the London-centric south... more

Max Keiser

Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser will inform you about bank and big business corruption. Government financial incompetence / global insurrection

Chunky Mark (The artist taxi driver. YouTube Channel. Warning: Can contain strong language, )

chunkymark / Chunky Mark / Daddy's Pig / The Artist Taxi Driver chunkymark / Chunky Mark / Daddy's Pig / The Artist Taxi Driver chunkymark / Chunky Mark / Daddy's Pig / The Artist Taxi Driver chunkymark / Chunky Mark / Daddy's Pig / The Artist Taxi Driver

Hi everyone - I'm one of your councillors for Woodhouse Park - please email or phone me with your problems; however trivial you think they are, they are important. Please find my email and phone details below. There are 2 or 3 of us who are paid to represent you - we guarantee you an answer.

Free stuff on

Wythenshawe Young People

Signpost 0161-436-5432
Young (14-25) people's advice
City Centre Project 0161 228 7654
Greater Manchester Low Pay Unit
Employment advice and pay rates
0161 953 4024
Wythenshawe Job Centre
0161 912 8300

Tatton Park - quiet and fresh air

Remember the suntan lotion (I got a bit sunburnt on my cycle ride to Tatton Park).

Lots and lots of wide open spaces, lakes, trees and grass - quiet, fresh air and views.

Wythenshawe - Tatton Park

Wythenshawe - Tatton Park

Wythenshawe - Tatton Park

Views of far away hills, wild sheep (not very wild) and deer. More and bigger images.

Wythenshawe - Tatton Park

Wythenshawe - Tatton Park

Wythenshawe Hospital

Wythenshawe Hospital website

Wythenshawe - Wythenshawe Hospital

I have nothing but praise for our Wythenshawe hospital.

When I was 5 years old, I ate a load of orange sweets - but they were actually Aspirin (shock horror) - so they kindly pumped my stomach out (I still remember that day). Continued on Page 2.

Wythenshawe Debt, Credit Unions, Debtline

Money Advice in Wythenshawe

Manchester City Council have people who can help - call today!

Money Advice ... 0161 438 1629

Debtline ... 0161 234 5678
Mon-Fri 1:30-4:00PM

See our debt page for basic advice. Other links;

Are you a Credit Union, or have you used one - let us know.

Wythenshawe Leisure Links

Leisure links

Local Radio

Wythenshawe - Wythenshawe FM logo
Wythenshawe FM

97.2 FM - Is it any good?

Wythenshawe Local Elections

Don't delay if you want to stand as an independent candidate, simply call the very helpful people (Stephen, Tricia, John, Sandra, etc.) at the Electoral Services Unit ... Tel: 0161 234 3145 and ask for Nomination Forms (or click for more details - it's all so very simple).

We ( and will even publish reasons why people should vote for you (or perhaps you might just stand as None Of The Above or on a single issue, like; New Windows Every 40 Years (O yeah, we already got new windows).

Wythenshawe Sport Links

Junior Football Club Links
Manchester City Supporters Club - Wythenshawe Branch
Wythenshawe Cricket Club
Wythenshawe and District Sunday Football League

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Wythenshawe Needs You

This page is just the tip of the ice cube.

Don't criticise - help! We've only been here since 30th March 2004. Hooray! The sparrows are back!

Would have been here a bit sooner, but a fire in Manchester caused our phones to not work anymore; it must have burnt through the string.

Wythenshawe Education Links

School Links - I'm on here - and it's free to tell your school friends you're still alive.

Adult Education

Links and phone numbers

Add a link or comment

Wythenshawe Link Sites

Other sites about Wythenshawe with links

WythIT - Lots of links

Wythenshawe365 - Some links

Recommend sites (fill this form)

Recommend sites in our Wythenshawe Forum

Wythenshawe Youth Links

Wythenshawe - Vysion logo

Vysion - Loads of links in all areas

Greater Manchester
Youth Network

Wythenshawe - Youth Network tree climbing

Wythenshawe Jobs and Training

I'm in IT - but I'm thinking of becoming a plumber and builder (there's a big shortage apparently and I know my way around a trowel).

If you want to get in to the construction game - Wythenshawe Job Centre 0161 912 8300 - they even have an expert - Do it today

Apparently, in 2004 we have full employment, which is good if the employment you have is a good job. A good time to skill yourself up.

Tell us your thoughts on the minimum wage, or on any job related subject that might inform other people. Click here.

Wythenshawe Culture & History


Wythenshawe - Wythenshawe Hall

Wythenshawe Hall

Manchester Art Gallery
Gallery of Costume
Heaton Hall
Wythenshawe - Styal Mill
Styal Mill - Quarry Bank Mill and Museum

If you're not interested in the history of Styal Mill - walk around the countryside that surrounds it. More thumbs and bigger  images.

Wythenshawe - Styal Mill

Massive weaving sheds powered by a giant water wheel - before someone invented steam. Now powered by twin Rolls-Royce Merlin jet turbine engines - that last bit was a joke :)

Where  manufacturing industry and the industrial revolution began.

Wythenshawe Indoor Market

Someone told me they destroyed a very good Indoor Market to build a McDonalds (like we need one). Let us know what you think.

Wythenshawe Old People

I don't regularly give old people advice - but I heard a lady on the radio saying she wished she'd walked more in her 60's and 70's - because in her 80's it would have benefited her - so get out (and watch those roads).

Care & Repair Repairs for the elderly
0161 872 5500
Anchor Staying Put Elderly services
Age Concern
0161 236 3339

If you have any useful advice for old people whether you're old or not - let us know.

Wythenshawe World

Our very own local newspaper - with riviting front page stories, like - "Lost hamster spied in garden" - "Pensioner finds teeth". That's what local papers are like everywhere I guess.

Wythenshawe Business Links

Useful, hard to find services - usually with a discount if you mention or

Also, useful links if you are in a business, or thinking of starting a business.

Business Links

Coming soon - or maybe not - who knows.

Wythenshawe Other

Wythenshawe Trivia


Wythenshawe Wildlife

We have a squirrel in our tree (that's not a doctor's report). We see foxes and the sparrows are back. There are frogs in our garden. At least twelve magpies in nearby trees (that's good luck, a secret and some gold thrown in). Robins and thrushes and songbirds.

If you weren't already aware - Wythenshawe has a close proximity to the countryside. It's that patchy green stuff you see as your holiday jet glides in to Manchester Airport (go visit Tatton park and literally hundreds of other spots on your doorstep). Styal is good place to start.

Wythenshawe Political Party Links

Wythenshawe Labour Party

Link: Wythenshawe Labour Party

Wythenshawe TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) Party

Link: Wythenshawe TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) Party

Wythenshawe Green Party

Link: Wythenshawe Green Party | Trafford | Manchester

Wythenshawe Monster Raving Loony Party

Link: Wythenshawe Monster Raving Loony

Wythenshawe Campaign for Real Ale

Link: Wythenshawe Campaign for Real Ale

Wythenshawe Ukip Party

Link: Wythenshawe Ukip Party

Wythenshawe Conservative Party

Link: Wythenshawe Conservative Party

Wythenshawe Liberal Democratic Party

Link: Wythenshawe Liberal Democratic Party

Wythenshawe Councillors - Town Hall

Councillor Paul Andrews

Councillor Paul Andrews
Councillor Anthony Burns
Councillor Anthony Burns


Google Map

See your house from the sky

Email or call your councillor today
Phone your councillor - numbers are here.
Meet your councillor - with your issues at their surgery - address and times are here

Councillor Susan Cooley

Councillor Susan Cooley
Councillor Glynn Evans
Councillor Glynn Evans
Councillor Sue Murphy
Councillor Sue Murphy


Google Map

See your house from the sky


Councillor Sandra Bracegirdle

Councillor Sandra Bracegirdle
Councillor Mary Di Mauro
Councillor Mary Di Mauro


Google Map

See your house from the sky

Councillor Hugh Barrett

Councillor Hugh Barrett
Councillor Joyce Keller
Councillor Joyce Keller
Councillor Thomas Judge
Councillor Thomas Judge


Google Map

See your house from the sky

Councillor Eddy Newman

Councillor Eddy Newman
Councillor Barbara O'Neil
Councillor Barbara O'Neil
Councillor Brian O'Neil
Councillor Brian O'Neil

Woodhouse Park

Google Map

See your house from the sky

Visit the Manchester City Council website for more information about your councillors. 

Who are your councillors? What has your councillor done for you recently? What are a councillor responsibilities? What can they do for you? Let us know your experiences

I haven't found links to official Wythenshawe political parties yet;

Wythenshawe Cycling Clubs

We now even have a Wythenshawe cycling clubs page. Wythenshawe has lots of new cycle paths  around the Airport for example. Safe cycling is great for everyone - I've been knocked off my bike by a man in a white van and a woman in a car (so that's fair) - luckily they were not breaking the speed limit; so I'm still here.

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign produces the Manchester Cycling Map

Do you know of any organised cycling clubs - I'm often passed by a group of riders in very professional jerseys - so there must be some (they only pass me because I've tired myself out by overtaking cars all day on my bike).

Wythenshawe - is it the last village of Manchester (alphabetically speaking)? Abram, Affetside, Agecroft, Ainsworth, Alkrington, Altrincham, Ancoats, Appley Bridge, Ardwick, Ashton In Makerfield, Ashton Under Lyne, Ashton Upon Mersey, Ashworth, Aspull, Astley, Astley Bridge, Atherton, Audenshaw, Baguley, Bardsley, Barton Moss, Barton Upon Irwell, Besses O'th' Barn, Beswick, Billinge, Birtle, Bamford, Blackley, Blackley Hurst, Blackrod, Blatchinworth, Calderbrook, Boarshaw, Bollington, Bolton, Boothstown, Bosden, Bowdon, Bradford, Bradshaw, Bramhall, Brandlesholme, Bredbury, Romiley, Breightmet, Brindle Heath, Brinksway, Brinnington, Broadbottom, Bromley Cross, Brookbottom, Brooklands, Brooksbottom, Broughton, Bucklow, Bullock Smithy, Burnage, Burnden, Bury, Butterworth, Cadishead, Calderbrook, Captain Fold, Carrbrook, Carrington, Carr Mill, Castleton, Catley Lane, Chadderton, Chadwick, Chapelfield, Chapeltown, Charlestown, Chat Moss, Cheadle, Gatley, Cheadle Buckeley, Cheadle Hulme, Cheetham Hill, Chequerbent, Chesham, Chew Moor, Chorlton Cum Hardy, Chorlton Upon Medlock, Clayton, Clifton, Cobhouse Farm, Cockey Moor, Collyhurst, Compstall, Crompton, Crossbank, Crumpsall, Culcheth, Daisy Hill, Daisy Nook, Dalton, Darcy Lever, Darnhill, Daubhill, Davyhulme, Deane, Denton, Didsbury, Diggles, Dixon Fold, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Dunham Massey, Eagley, Eccles, Edenfield, Edgeley, Edgeworth, Egerton, Elton, Failsworth, Fairfield, Fall Birch, Fallowfield, Farnworth, Featherstall, Firgrove, Firwood, Flixton, Flowery Field, Freetown, Gale, Gatley, Gee Cross, Gigg, Gilnow, Gin Pits, Glazebury, Godley, Golborne, Gorton, Great Bolton, Greater Manchester County, Great Heaton, Great Lever, Greave, Greenlow Heath, Greenlow Marsh, Greenmount, Guide Bridge, Haigh, Hale, Halliwell, Halshaw Moor, Hamer, Handforth, Hares Hill, Harper Green, Harpurhey, Hartshead, Harwood, Hattersley, Haugh, Haughton, Hawkshaw, Haydock, Hazel Grove, Heady Hill, Healey, Heap, Heap Bridge, Heaton, Heaton Chapel, Heaton Mersey, Heaton Moor, Heaton Norris, Heaton Park, Hebers, Hey, Heyrod, Heywood, High Lane, Hindley, Hindsford, Holcombe, Holcroft, Hollin, Hollinworth, Hollins, Hollinwood, Hooley Bridge, Hooley Hill, Hope, Hopwood, Horwich, Houghton, Howe Bridge, Hulme, Hulton Park, Hundersfield, Huntley Brook, Hurst, Hurstead, Hyde, Ince In Makerfield, Irlam, Irlam O'th' Heights, Jericho, Junction, Kearsley, Kempnough, Kenyon, Kersal, Kirk Holt, Kirkmanshulme, Knott Lanes, Knowl Moor, Ladybarn, Ladybridge, Ladyhouse, Ladyshore, Lanehead, Langley, Langtree, Lees, Leigh, Levenshulme, Limefield, Limehurst, Little Bolton, Littleborough, Little Green, Little Heaton, Little Hulton, Little Lever, Little Moss, Little Park, Longdendale, Lostock, Lower Lane, Lowton, Ludworth, Marland, Marple, Marple Bridge, Matley, Mellor, Middle Hulton, Middleton, Millbrook, Mills Hill, Milnrow, Monton, Moseley, Moses Gate, Mosley, Mossley, Moss Side, Moston, Mottram, Nailor's Green, New Bury, Newchurch, New Eagley, Newton, Newton Heath, Norbury, Norden, Northenden, Northern Etchells, North Manchester, Nuttall, Offerton, Oldham, Openshaw, Ordsall, Orrell, Outwood, Over Hulton, Parbold, Parkfield, Partington, Patricroft, Pemberton, Pendlebury, Pendleton, Pennington, Pigs Lee, Pilkington, Pilsworth, Platt, Polefield, Portwood, Prestolee, Prestwich, Quick, Quickmere, Radcliffe, Rain Shore, Rakewood, Ramsbottom, Reddish, Red Lumb, Redvales, Ridge Hill, Ringley, Ringway, Risley, Rochdale, Romiley, Rooley Moor, Rowlands, Royton, Rumworth, Rusholme, Saddleworth, Sale, Salford, Irlam, Worsley, Lancashire., Scholes, School Hill, Sedgeley Park, Shakerley, Sharples, Shawclough, Shawfield, Shevington, Shore, Shoresworth, Shuttleworth, Simister, Slattocks, Smallbridge, Smithills, Smithybridge, Snydale, South Manchester, Spotland, Springhead, Stalybridge, Stand, Standish With Langtree, Stayley, Stockport, Stoneclough, Stretford, Summerseat, Summit, Swinton, Pendlebury, Syke, Tameside, Taunton, Tetlow, Thornham, Timperley, Tintwistle, Todmorden And Walsden, Tonge, Top Of Hebers, Top Of Middleton, Torkington, Tottington, Trafford, Tunshill, Turton, Tyldesley With Shakerley, Unsworth, Uppermill, Urmston, Walkden, Walmersley With Shuttleworth, Walmsley, Walsden, Walshaw, Warburton, Wardle, Wardleworth, Wardley, Waterhouses, Waterloo, Weaste, Werneth, West Gorton, Westhoughton, Westleigh, West Riding Of Yorkshire, Whaley Bridge, Whalley Range, Whitefield, Whitaker, Whittle, Whitworth, Wigan, Wingates, Winstanley, Winton, Withington, Wolstenholme And Cheesden, Woodford, Woodhead, Woodhouse Lane, Woodhouses, Woodley, Wooley, Worsley, Worthington, Wrightington, Wuerdle And Wardle, Wythenshawe


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