Wythenshawe.org - Wythenshawe Business Pages

Accounting, auditing; tax consult
Adult and other education
Agents in building materials
Agents in food, drink & tobacco
Agents in household goods, etc.
Agents in industrial equipment, etc.
Agents in particular products
Agents in sale of variety of goods
Agents in textiles, footwear etc.
Agricultural service activities
Ancillary operations related to printing
Architectural, technical consult
Artistic & literary creation
Auxiliary financial intermed
Auxiliary insurance & pension fund
Building and repairing of ships
Business & management consultancy
Buying & sell own real estate
Call centre activities
Cargo handling
Casting of light metals
Casting of steel
Central banking
Collection & treatment of other waste
Collection, purify etc. of water
Compulsory social security
Construction roads, airfields etc.
Cotton-type weaving
Courier other than national post
Data base activities
Data processing
Demolition buildings; earth moving
Dental practice activities
Development & sell real estate
Dispensing chemists
Dormant company
Driving school activities
Erection of roof covering & frames
Extraction of petroleum & natural gas
Extra-territorial organisations
Financial leasing
Floor and wall covering
Freight transport by road
Funeral and related activities
Gambling and betting activities
General construction & civil engineering
General mechanical engineering
General secondary education
Grow vegetables & nursery products
Hairdressing & other beauty treatment
Hardware consultancy
Higher education
Holding Companies including Head Offices
Hospital activities
Hotels & motels with or without restaurant
Installation electrical wiring etc.
Insulation work activities
Investigation & security
Joinery Installations
Labour recruitment
Lead, zinc and tin production
Legal activities
Letting of own property
Library and archives activities
Life insurance/reinsurance
Maintenance & repair of motors
Maintenance office & computing machinery
Manage real estate, fee or contract
Manufacture biscuits, preserved pastry etc.
Manufacture builders' carpentry & joinery
Manufacture computers & process equipment
Manufacture indust process control equipment
Manufacture instruments for measuring etc.
Manufacture made-up textiles, not apparel
Manufacture medical, orthopaedic etc. equipment
Manufacture metal structures & parts
Manufacture non-domestic ventilation
Manufacture of basic iron & steel & of Ferro-alloys
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical prods
Manufacture of bicycles
Manufacture of bread, fresh pastry & cakes
Manufacture of builders' ware of plastic
Manufacture of ceramic insulators etc.
Manufacture of chairs and seats
Manufacture of condiments & seasonings
Manufacture of electronic components
Manufacture of flat glass
Manufacture of games and toys
Manufacture of metalworking tools
Manufacture of office machinery
Manufacture of other chemical products
Manufacture of other food products
Manufacture of other furniture
Manufacture of other general machinery
Manufacture of other outerwear
Manufacture of other plastic products
Manufacture of other products of wood
Manufacture of other rubber products
Manufacture of other textiles
Manufacture of other tools not elsewhere classified
Manufacture of paints, print ink & mastics etc.
Manufacture of paper stationery
Manufacture of plastics in primary forms
Manufacture of steel tubes
Manufacture of wire products
Manufacture other electrical equipment
Manufacture other fabricated metal products
Manufacture other organic basic chemicals
Manufacture other special purpose machine
Manufacture other transport equipment
Manufacture tanks, etc. & metal containers
Manufacture TV & radio, sound or video etc.
Market research, opinion polling
Medical practice activities
Motion picture and video production
Museum & preservation of history
National post activities
Non-life insurance/reinsurance
Non-scheduled air transport
Non-specialised wholesale food, etc
Non-trading company
Operate sports arenas & stadiums
Operation fish hatcheries & farms
Other building completion
Other building installation
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other business activities
Other cleaning services
Other computer related activities
Other credit granting
Other entertainment activities
Other financial intermediation
Other human health activities
Other manufacturing
Other membership organisations
Other monetary intermediation
Other non-ferrous metal production
Other non-store retail sale
Other passenger land transport
Other provision of lodgings
Other publishing
Other recreational activities nec
Other retail food etc. specialised
Other retail non-specialised stores
Other retail specialised stores
Other service activities
Other software consultancy and supply
Other special trades construction
Other sporting activities
Other supporting air transport
Other supporting land transport
Other textile weaving
Other transport agencies
Other wholesale
Packaging activities
Painting and glazing
Physical well-being activities
Political organisations
Portrait photographic activities, other specialist photography, film processing
Pre press activities
Precious metals production
Preparation & spin of other textiles
Primary education
Printing not elsewhere classified
Private households with employees
Process etc. fruit, vegetables
Professional organisations
Public security, law & order
Publish journals & periodicals
Publishing of books
Publishing of newspapers
Quarrying of stone for construction
R & D on nat sciences & engineering
R & D on soc sciences & humanities
Radio and television activities
Real estate agencies
Recycling non-metal waste & scrap
Recycling of metal waste and scrap
Regulation health, education, etc.
Regulation more efficient business
Religious organisations
Rent agricultural machinery & equipment
Rent civil engineering machinery
Rent construction equipment with operator
Rent office machinery inc. computers
Rent other land transport equipment
Rent other machinery & equipment
Renting of air transport equipment
Renting of automobiles
Repair not elsewhere classified
Repair of clocks & jewellery
Reproduction of sound recording
Reproduction of video recording
Residents property management
Retail alcoholic & other beverages
Retail books, newspapers etc.
Retail bread, cakes, confectionery
Retail cosmetic & toilet articles
Retail electric h'hold, etc. goods
Retail furniture household etc.
Retail hardware, paints & glass
Retail in non-specialised stores holding an alcohol licence, with food, beverages or tobacco predominating, not elsewhere classified
Retail medical & orthopaedic goods
Retail of footwear & leather goods
Retail of fruit and vegetables
Retail of meat and meat products
Retail other secondhand goods
Retail sale of clothing
Retail sale of textiles
Retail sale via stalls and markets
Sale of motor vehicle parts etc.
Sale of motor vehicles
Sawmill, plane, impregnation wood
Scheduled air transport
Secretarial & translation activities
Security broking & fund management
Services to oil and gas extraction
Social work with accommodation
Social work without accommodation
Software consultancy and supply
Software publishing
Steam and hot water supply
Storage & warehousing
Taxi operation
Technical & vocational secondary
Technical testing and analysis
Transport via pipelines
Transport via railways
Travel agencies etc; tourist
Undifferentiated goods producing activities of private households for own use
Undifferentiated services producing activities of private households for own use
Veterinary activities
Wash & dry clean textile & fur
Wholesale alcohol and other drinks
Wholesale dairy products
Wholesale electric household goods
Wholesale fuels & related products
Wholesale hardware, plumbing etc.
Wholesale hides, skins and leather
Wholesale of chemical products
Wholesale of clothing and footwear
Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment & software
Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
Wholesale of live animals
Wholesale of machine tools
Wholesale of machinery for the textile industry, & of sewing & knitting machines
Wholesale of mining, construction & civil engineering machinery
Wholesale of other electronic parts & equipment
Wholesale of other household goods
Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics
Wholesale of textiles
Wholesale of waste and scrap
Wholesale other food inc fish, etc.
Wholesale other intermediate goods
Wholesale sugar, chocolate etc.
Wholesale wood, construction etc.